Шарҳи мухтасари Шаршарқии Иёлоти Муттаҳидаи Нав

Иҷтимоъ Охирин хабарҳо

Professional awareness about the impact of internet pornography is not just for teachers or healthcare professionals; lawyers need to be aware of it too. A very good free, daily e-newsletter for the legal profession in Scotland is the Хабарҳо. It covers all the latest developments in the profession from court decisions, to news from law firms, legal institutions such as The Law Society of Scotland, the Faculty of Advocates and academia. It also highlights events and includes big stories from the UK and Scottish Parliaments, and from the English and Irish courts too.

Every year they publish an annual review with stories from a wide variety of legal personalities. This year Mary Sharpe was invited to submit an article. She explains her transition from practicing law as an Advocate to founding The Reward Foundation. Mary focused on what lawyers need to know about internet pornography as the basis for her story. The original article is no longer available online.

Other stories from the Scottish Legal News includes this important item on Paedophile Hunters Fail. They also reported on the position of the head of the Crown Prosecution Service in England on issues of consent in rape.

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